Hermon High School
Mission Statement and Expectations

Mission Statement

The mission of Hermon High School is to prepare students for personal success in college, career, and community.
Academic Expectations

While demonstrating knowledge and skills across the curriculum, students are expected to:

* communicate clearly and effectively in written, oral, and visual forms
* solve problems creatively and practically
* integrate technology into their learning
* develop a plan of action for the future

Social and Civic Expectations

Students are expected to:

* be informed, involved and responsible members of both local and global communities
* make healthy choices
* exhibit mutual respect and personal integrity
* practice a strong work ethic

Our Values

At Hermon High School, we believe:

* high school should be a positive and memorable experience
* learning is a life-long process
* every student should strive for academic excellence
* students are entitled to a welcoming and safe learning environment
* students should be held accountable academically, socially, and civically
* students learn best when supported by school, family, and community
* the high school experience is enhanced through participation in the arts, athletics, and other co-curricular activities


by Hermon High School faculty and staff April 9, 2007,
and by the Hermon School Committee April 30, 2007.
Revision approved by the Mission Statement Committee on February 4, 2008,
by Hermon High School faculty and staff on February 11, 2008,
and by the Hermon School Committee on February 11, 2008.