Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduler


PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE TIME!  Monday, November 19 from 4 – 8 pm and Tuesday, November 20 from 10 am – 7 pm (both days).  We are using an online system to help parents sign up for conferences.  Click on the icon link below and follow these steps! You will receive a confirmation in your email to remind you of your times!  A mailing will be going home as well about the process. If there is a barrier to accessing the internet, parents can contact Mrs. Roy directly at 848-4026 and she will hand schedule your child.


  1.  Choose your child’s teacher by clicking the orange box.
  2.  Select a day.  Click the time slot you want the conference on.
  3.  Click the green tab “sign up”.
  4.  Put in your email for a reminder to come to you about the time and click next.  Confirm the email address.
  5.  Fill in the identifying info needed so we know who you are and who your child is.   (Unclick offers from and Land’s End and skimm if you choose). Then click save.
  6. If you want to sign up for more conferences, after your 1st signup there is a box that says “Can’t signup at this time” click “No thanks” or “save”.  Once you’ve done that you should see the tab that says”Go back to all signups”.